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Con-Tech Resources

The purpose of Con-Tech Resources, Inc. (
CTR) is to provide a single source for Instrumentation and Process Control technical service and support.  CTR specializes in system integration and process automation, at ALL levels.


As a growing full services firm, established in January 1986, CTR is committed to bringing a high degree of professionalism to every job.


is staffed with highly qualified Engineers, Instrument Technicians, and Construction Specialist who are trained and experienced in digital, analog and pneumatic instrument and control systems.  CTR technicians are equipped with state of the art test and calibration equipment to document and perform certified field calibration and verification.


also provides a complete range of related services from conceptual design and system selection to installation, programming, maintenance and repair.


’s primary experience is Industrial Environments which include Boiler / Utility Plants, Air Separation Units (ASU), Automotive Plants, Paper Mills, Water Treatment Facilities, Food Processing Facilities and Chemical Plants. Qualification documents are available upon request and approval.

                                               Con-Tech Resources Quality Policy


As a growing full service firm, Con-Tech Resources (CTR) strives to bring professionalism and technological excellence to everything we do.


Through Customer Service, we continually adapt to our customer needs;


Through Continuous Improvement, we always seek the best way to improve the way we do business; and


Through Commitment, we will ensure an adequate framework for the establishment and review of the quality objective planning in order to bring the highest possible quality standards to the products / services we provide to our customers.


The integrity of Con-Tech Resources is based upon the level of superiority our products / services have.  Our company is based upon the interaction of all these factors, and has made us a leader in our industry.

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